Saturday, August 7, 2010

Almost nothing on TV on Saturdays... for now

Watching The Chumscrubber. This is what I'm reduced to, but it is only 7:15 or so in the morning. There is really nothing going on in college football that we should concern ourselves with so let's review:

My Daddy, Bobby Bowden, is gone and now we get JIMBO so all of a sudden Florida State is ranked.

Joe Paterno (he's been JoePa for 10 years now, and I hate it) is fading.

The rankings are what everybody expected.

Butch Davis fields great players by consistently having agents pay his players.

Nick Saban oversigns his classes and nobody seems to mind.

Jeremiah Masoli has transferred to Ole Miss and Mandel says Houston Nutt is a scumbag.

Anyone who thinks Tommy Tubberville is actually going to make Texas Tech better is taking crazy pills.

USC is up shit creek.

Stanford is my dark horse title contender for both the Pac whatever and National title.

The top 25 is fine even though all the college football writers are acting miffed that Boise State is 5th; big deal.

Michigan still sucks. So does Indiana and Illinois.

Drugs are still bad.

Okay, that's what's been going on all summer and what we have until the season starts. But at least there's the Hall of Fame Game tomorrow and some teary ex-jocks getting inducted tonight. Hooray Canton, Ohio!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Academics: Hide the players?

On Tuesday's (7/13) ESPN Podcast with Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook they discussed that the Big 10 conference was good now with Nebraska and that all the teams could win except for, according to Beano, Northwestern who he said could not "Hide their players" due to being such a small school with no easy classes.

This logic does make sense and it bears exploring. Could it be that Bobby Johnson's sudden retirement echoes that sentiment and the poor coach is tired of losing in conference due to strict academic standards and sometimes when he does have that recruit that fits the full profile of the school and has the solid athletic ability that recruit chooses the higher profile football program (See Bradley Robey out of Peachtree, GA who switched verbals to Ohio State).

The Vanderbilt vice chancellor David Williams offered Johnson green eggs and ham to stay but Johnson doesn't plan on coaching anymore and scorned fellow colleagues without saying any names (Paterno, more notably Urban Meyer) by saying that some coaches will coach with one foot in the grave. Is it a cheap shot on his way out due to his own health reasons or would he stick around if he could recruit better or recruit under a different, more big-time program that compromises academics for the sake of its football brand?

We can't always understand the nuances of every decision people make. Many times we don't understand our own decisions, fully, ourselves. You may even get that feeling of enlightenment after the fact and say to yourself, "yeah, that's why" as though your subconscious knew all along the real reasons. For coach Johnson it could be as easy as the reasons in the quote from the rivals article below:

Vanderbilt also has endured its share of off-field tragedy during Johnson's
tenure. Running back Kwane Doster, 21, was shot and killed in 2004 in his
hometown of Tampa. Powder Springs (Ga.) McEachern running back
Rajaan Bennett, the top recruit in Vanderbilt's
incoming freshman class, was killed in a murder-suicide in his home in February.

(The above quote comes from David Fox: a national writer for

In the end who knows but the stresses can also come from being the Northwestern of the SEC. I wish I could've asked Beano if Northwestern can't hide players then does that directly imply other top academic schools can? Michigan, Stanford, Cal, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Duke? Most likely is my guess.

I'm curious to see who wants to step up to the challenge at that weigh-station Vanderbilt. I recently perused a Bill Parcells book and he coached there and it explicitly spoke of the coach there going to a bowl and getting out while he was hot right after and in many seasons we see this happen where the coach rides his hot season to the bigger and better program. They make money doing this but sometimes shorten their career (think John L. Smith) when they do this because once they get to the pinnacle, if they don't win, they are done (think Larry Coker or any former Ohio State Football coach). Once you get to a top place and cannot produce with all the luxuries a coach could ask for ie brand name, facilities, a conference affiliation that leads to amazing bowls you're really out of excuses. In Bobby Johnson's case, he missed his hot ticket after the bowl win 2 years ago, had 2 wins last year and didn't feel like being under the duress of the grind that is coaching FBS (division 1 A to you and me) ball. Looks like he certainly made a quality of life decision and good for him for doing so. Now, let's see how long till he gets tired of his wife or golf or both.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Song of the Day: Doin Time by Sublime

I'm Back I can feel football, so I'm back, Linkage

USC is not eligible for USA Today/Coaches Poll (but they'll still be in AP).

Wiz of Odds tells you Purdue is going to have some Florida speed!

The ACC has signed a 12-year television rights deal with ESPN worth approximately $1.86 billion (Dodd, CBS) Somewhere Dr. Evil is lurking with the pinky-to-mouth, not sure whether it's million or billion.

SI's Andy Staples will help you not work if you want with his Florida recruiting article. Simple link to SI Main College Page.

All over the web you can read about Tennessee players getting in a fight last night. Big deal. This is how I knew it was time to get geared up for college football. UT players always get in a fight during summer workouts. Next, Penn State players are going to do something really unseemly and we'll know that, indeed, we can smell college football.

College Football live on ESPN featuring Drew Brees talking "Glory Days". Gotta like Drew as he's the ultimate player you can point your kids to and say, "See, look at that little guy. He did it. Anything's possible if you work hard enough and study hard enough."

Discussing Mallet and Locker and how they need to treat NFL like a full-time job. Trust me. He's right. Going from a being a college player to real life isn't easy. I only ever knew how to work hard at my sport and school but not listening to regular people or working diligently in the real world once I dropped college football.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Faux News

Just had to note. I'm surprised it took the media and everybody else about 10 years to come up with FAUX NEWS. It's clever. But, because it took 10 years. It's really not clever anymore. They might as well call them "Nerds with Hard Ons". That might be funnier. Or something relating to the weather channel and who hot the chicks are over there. I love Stephanie Abrams in that hat at my nearest local hurricane. Something about her just makes me want to run to Publix and buy water and canned food.

Did Washington Win or something? Why is Jim Zorn on TV? It's like Napoleon Dynamite playing with his WWF doll, I'm just not sure what the heck is going on but it's interesting.